Best Hidden Gems in Europe

I’m sure you’ll agree that Europe is home to some of the most beautiful and most famous cities in the world.  Think Amsterdam, Paris the City of Light and Rome the City of Love.  You may be surprised to hear that Europe is also home to thousands of hidden treasures.  

Are you ready to discover a selection of some of the best hidden gems Europe has to offer?  From Hvar in Croatia to Piran in Slovenia, sit back and get ready to learn all about what Europe has to offer if you’re not afraid of venturing off the beaten path. 

Piran, Slovenia 

Piran is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe and has an elegant and understate charm that will likely appeal to any traveller.  Get to know its culture and history and listen to the compelling stories of its people.    

In Piran, you will easily feel as though you have stepped into a wonderful picture-perfect postcard.  You’re bound to be charmed by its winding, narrow streets.  On the pier, you will feel like you have stepped back in time to when you catch sight of fishermen unravelling their net.    

Hvar, Croatia 

If you choose to plan a getaway to Hvar, you will likely love the city’s unique fusion of historical heritage, rich culture and luxurious Mediterranean nature.  With spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, Hvar represents adventure, beauty and a treasury of scenery.   

Its name is derived from the Greek name for island and the town first gained glory during the middle ages as an important port within the Venetian empire.  Today, it is now a popular tourist spot and a favoured destination within the Dalmatian Riviera.  

Portofino, Italy 

Portofino is a tiny sea village on the Italian Riviera.  This spectacular sea resort boasts a lux Mediterranean personality and the town is rooted in ancient marine culture.  The port is the most famous viewpoint of the town, with its brightly-coloured houses.  This iconic image is definitely worth experiencing in person! 

Mellieha, Malta 

Mellieha can be found north-west of Malta.  This small town is perched on a series of hills and is surrounded on three sides by the picturesque Blue Mediterranean Sea, promising magnificent views!  If you’re on the hunt for a new spot by the sea, this little town could be calling your name! 

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro  

Sveti Stefan is a small town in Montenegro.  This town was previously a finishing village, but was converted into the old town in the 1960’s.  Its narrow streets, memorable tower and small churches remain untouched today.  If you’re looking for a change of, pace, this town could be just what the doctor ordered.  With roofs red like rubies, this town sits on the cliff of a rocky island with an unusual sand isthmus connecting it to the land.   


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