Top insider travel tips and tricks

Always Pack Minimally 

Do you struggle to pack less? When it comes to packing for your next getaway, travelling with one piece of hand-luggage should always be the what you are aiming for. Do you really need to be packing five pairs of shoes for a two-day city break? If you opt to take less, you will definitely travel cheaper, as you won’t have to worry about any check-in luggage fees. You will also be able to travel faster and travel easier. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost along the way. 

Leave the huge guidebook at home 

While your copy of Lonely Planet or Rough Guide may seem like a packing essential, it’s much easier to photocopy the different pages you will need and simple discard them after use. This way you can save on weight as well as precious space. 

Learn a little local lingo 

When it comes to travelling to the next destination on your travel bucket list, why not spend the time memorising a handful of words from the local language? In most cases, just a few words will go a long way and most locals tend to warm to visitors who have made the effort to learn the language and communicate with them. 

Don’t board the plane without ear plugs 

If you’re the kind of person who believes silence is golden, then you will definitely want to pack a set of ear plugs for the flight.  Being able to sleep during a noisy flight or in a hotel room is extremely important whilst travelling. You may be surprised at how much a low-cost product can improve your travelling experience. 

Be flexible with travel plans 

The more flexible you can be with travel plans, the more money you are likely to save! If you’re super flexible, you will be able to travel at cheaper times and enjoy better rates. Skyscanner is a great tool to use if you’re looking to travel on the cheapest dates, as they give you a breakdown of how much it will cost across a whole month.    

Don’t scrimp on travel insurance 

It’s important to always take out travel insurance – and don’t think credit card insurance will cut it! While this may seem like a really obvious tip, you would be surprised by just how many people end up losing out when things go wrong. 

Get a local guide 

When it comes to visiting any type of cultural monument, a great tip is to take the offer of a local guide. This option often opens your eyes to so many of the cultural nuances and ensures you get the most out of the experience. 

Sync your sleep immediately 

One of the easiest ways to get over jet lag when you first arrive is to sync your sleeping pattern with the new time zone you find yourself in. When it comes to jet lag the expression ‘west is best, east is a beast’ is actually true. So, if you’re planning on travelling east, you may want to do a little more research on the best tips for beating time zone tiredness. 

Carry a portable charger 

We’ve all had that horrible moment where our phone has run out of batter as we are looking up vital instructions on how to get to our hotel. Well, choosing to carry a portable power charger can easily solve this unpleasant predicament. Brands like Qi PowerSurge are both stylish and affordable, making them a popular option for many travellers.  

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