The Best City Breaks in Germany

Are you looking for top tips on the best Riesling or bratwurst in Germany?  Get ready for some top tips on finding the most alluring cities in Germany.  From Bavaria to Berlin, we’re here to talk all things food and culture.  

Germany is a relatively large country (by European standards), which enables it to have a rich and diverse cultural heritage.  Take a look at some of the very best cities in Germany that should make their way onto your travel bucket list for 2019. 


This is the capital city of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and can be found in the northeast of Germany.  One thing’s for sure, with big brothers like Berlin and Hamburg, it’s not surprising that smaller cities like Schwerin get forgotten about.  This city’s best feature has to be Schwerin Palace.  This is an incredible 1,000 year-old building that currently houses the state parliament.  Don’t forget, if you need a little time away from the city itself, the idyllic lakes dotted close by offer the perfect escape to the countryside.



Berlin is one of those cities that seems to be constantly changing.  Effortlessly cool and exciting, expect something new every time you visit!  Definitely plan in a spot of sightseeing whilst you’re here.  Places like the Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag, the East Side Gallery and the Brandenburg Gate are definitely key spots.  If you don’t mind taking a train outside the city limits, the palaces of Potsdam are spectacular.    


Hamburg has quietly become one of the hottest spots in Germany.  It now boasts an unmissable coffee culture scene.  Some of the best coffee shops include Less Political, Zuckermonarchie’s and Public Coffee Roasters.  On top of the great coffee scene, Hamburg also has lots of festivals and street fairs to get involved with.   


Leipzig is one of those cities that offers a cool, artsy scene with lots of history to explore.  While you’re here, make sure to explore the Old City Hall, as well as the dramatic Volkerschlachtdenkmal.  If you’re looking for the best views in the city, you should check out the views from the Panorama Tower.   



Cologne’s origins began as a Roman outpost all the way back in the first century AD.  Today, Cologne is one of Germany’s largest cities and has a vibrant, cultural area.  One of the first spots to explore in Cologne is the Cathedral – with hundreds of steps to climb this is definitely best to visit before a big meal!  You’ll find all the hip and trendy restaurants in the Belgian Quarter of the city, as well as a number of world-renowned museums.   


This is possibly one of the most international cities in Germany and is still one of the largest financial centres in mainland Europe.  For centuries, Frankfurt was home to the coronation of new kings and queens, making it one of the most importance historical cities in the country.   

If you’re a big bookworm, then you’ll love the Book Fair, which first began all the way back in the 15th Century.  If you’re on the hunt for a place to stay, you should definitely look into staying at an apart hotel in Frankfurt.  This style of accommodation is quickly becoming option amongst couples and families alike. 


Heidelberg may be small, but it is definitely mighty.  The castle is one of the city’s most iconic sites in the old town and definitely worth visiting.  While you are there, you should also consider taking a stroll along Philosophers Walk so you can admire the beautiful views across the Neckar River.  For any foodie fans, the Schnitzelbank is known to serve some of the best schnitzel in the whole country. 


If you’re unfamiliar with Munich, this city is the beating heart of Bavaria and acts as the capital.  The city has a long and proud history with a whole heap of museums to explore for any historians out there.  In fact, there is even a museum solely dedicated to the history of BMW.   

With so many wonderful cities to explore, it’s easy to see why Germany is such a popular destination amongst travellers.  If you’re looking to book a city break, you should definitely consider Germany! 

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