7 Things You Forget To Take On Holiday

Let’s face it, none of us make it to the hotel without realising that we’ve forgotten something. Certain things just find a way to hide themselves in the house before we get ready to go. Usually these are pretty replaceable, unless you’re hopping on a Virgin Atlantic flight. However some of them are almost up there with Macaulay Culkin being left at home for the Christmas holiday. Have some fun or some flashbacks checking out this list of things often forgotten on holiday.


1. Toothbrush

Definitely the most frequently forgotten item on this list, a toothbrush is obviously a necessity but it also couples as the most replaceable item here, so it’s no disaster to leave it at home.

2. Pyjamas

Obviously not an essential unless you’re going somewhere cold, but for those of us still used to tucking into our pyjamas at bedtime, these are easily left under the pillow and a regret when it hits time to nod off.

3. Sunglasses

Like your toothbrush, this can be easily replaced. However in that moment when you come out the airport and your eyes are hit with the flash of sun only to realise you don’t have your sunnies, you might as well have forgot your passport.

4. Headphones

Not being able to chill with music or a podcast on a long haul flight is a nightmare, and while you can grab a new pair of earphones in the airport, they won’t compare to the Beats you usually listen to your tunes through.

5. Chargers

Onto to the slightly more essential items now. Without a charger you can look forward to airplane mode for the whole holiday, desperately conserving energy so you can capture the precious moments of a memorable trip. Disaster usually averted if you’re holidaying with a bigger group, as no doubt someone will have the charger you need, unless of course they too have left it plugged in at home.

6. Keys

Ok so some serious ones now. You’ve got a holiday home, timeshare or friend’s house to stay in for the week and you reach the front door only to realise you’ve forgotten the keys. Solvable with a call to a locksmith, but try making that call if you don’t know the lingo.

7. Tickets

Whether to a festival or a football game, forgetting tickets is a nightmare. The only way to still attend the event will be to buy a new ticket, which isn’t always possible for a popular event.

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